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Hi, I'm James Martin

I wear many hats but work with all sorts of backend technologies and data pipelines. I specialize in writing portable code for reproducible environments. I really enjoy working with Docker, Kubernetes, nginx, node, Python, Apache Airflow, and Jupyter. I'm happy tinkering with both digital and physical technologies.


I've spent time in an emerging technology research and development group at IBM and as a backend engineer in the Connected Fitness division of Under Armour. At IBM, I had the opportunity to work with some wonderful, smart people to automate training and deploying machine learning models. At Under Armour, I worked on almost all parts of two mobile app ecosystems, MapMyFitness and MyFitnessPal. I also spent some time product testing and providing feedback for the HOVR line of connected running footwear.


My research in graduate school, BS/MS in Computer Science, UNC Chapel Hill 2016, centered around data science, application development, and accessibility. The output of my graduate thesis was nbreader, an accessibility add-on for Project Jupyter.


I spend a lot of time away from a keyboard - I'm a big fan of the sun and being outside. While living in Central Texas, my friend Cole Weldon and I started an adventure cycling team, Ruffy Tuffy Crew. I'm a total bike and gear nerd, love trail running, and cook almost every meal with my partner Ariana. I have eclectic taste in music, enjoy simple board games, and general sporting, especially basketball. I love the intersection of design and all of these things.

About this site

jameslmart.in is a blog of my thoughts on a variety of topics built with Pelican and some hand rolled infrastructure. Most images are grainy because they are dithered to reduce file size with a Pelican plugin built by the good people at LOW←TECH MAGAZINE. Thanks for taking a look!

Reach out

Feel free to send me mail at hi [at] jameslmart.in or drop me a message on LinkedIn.