Outside my day jobs, I've worked on a few projects in a variety of roles.

A11 Radio

In Cape Town, South Africa I met up with Andrew Aitchison - a local South African running a weekly radio show out of Max Bagels on Bree Street. We worked together over three weeks to elevate the web presence of the radio station and consider additional streaming technologies to enable the station to run independently.

Three weeks is a short amount of software engineering time, but I built out a small streaming server using a hand-rolled nginx installation. It was quite fun to get set up and will be an ongoing project.


Since 2019, I have served as a copyeditor for Superorganism, a design collective focused on helping communities and organizations visualize and transition to sustainable, just, and relational futures. I've helped edit everything from research communication to website copy.

Project Jupyter

My graduate research took a deep dive into web events and accessibility standards. I worked with a Harvard MBA student with macular degeneration to gather requirements for truly accessible web technologies; I then translated these requirements into a small tool called nbreader to help impaired users navigate and explore text in notebooks without using a heavyweight tool like JAWS.

I've also contributed to Jupyter Dashboards, an open source tool for deploying Jupyter notebooks as web apps. It has since fallen out of fashion with the rise of other more powerful tooling.