What's in my wallet

Cue Sam Jackson, "what's in your wallet?" My partner Ariana said I should do a short post on what I carry with me when I ride. I'm still living in like 2013 and running tubes even though my wheels are tubeless ready and I'm running 30mm WTB Exposure tires. I just don't have a good air compressor set up. Maybe I'll try a Tubibooster X from Topeak? I've heard mixed reviews about every charger pump.

I didn't photograph the Road Runner toolroll I keep under my saddle because it's less interesting. It usually contains:

  1. One 700x20-28mm (or whatever size less than 32) tube w/ a 60mm presta valve stem. I usually bring a handlebar bag/fanny pack on long rides so I'll put a second tube in there.
  2. One Pedro's tire lever (I've had an up and down relationship with Pedro's but we're on really good terms now)
  3. A canister of CO2 / nozzle applicator

But, the main focus of this post:

Knolling of items I usually carry in a small wallet

From left-right:

  1. Disassembled frame pump (Lezyne maybe?) - this thing comes apart and fits in the pouch without issue. For some reason, it works really, really well. I usually bring enough CO2 to not have to need it but sometimes if I get a slow leak and need enough air just to get home, this thing can do the job. Like most frame pumps, it does take some time to get up to ~60-80psi but I can imagine it will work just fine for tubeless set ups.
  2. Bonding fluid for patches
  3. Patch box - contains both clear-style and circular patches, small squares of sandpaper, small tire boots
  4. Crankbrothers multitool - to be honest, I could probably carry a smaller multitool. This one works pretty well but have never had to use the chain breaker (knock on wood?)
  5. Zipp valve extender - if you know, you know. If you've been on a group ride where you had to borrow a tube and the valve wasn't long enough for your sick aero hoops, you now carry one of these.
  6. 2mm allen key - I carry this in case I need to remove my brake pads
  7. Zipp valve core remover

The pouch itself is a Rapha wallet I found on eBay for much less than what it costs new. This has lasted me years but the zipper is in need of some oil. It fits perfectly in a middle jersey pocket and sits pretty flat even loaded up.